Podcast LGBTIQ* – All inclusive? Social patterns of interpretation of teachers

2023/04/27 by

Dr. Florian Cristóbal Klenk talks about the results of his work in the latest episode of the “Inklusionsfragen” podcast.

How do teachers perceive gender and sexual diversity? Do they perceive it at all? Are there hierarchies? What possibilities and limits do teachers see in teaching this topic? And what does the teachers' perspective mean for their pedagogical actions? How do they deal with diverse lifestyles, how do they address them? Dr Florian Cristóbal Klenk investigated these questions in his doctoral thesis. He used an analysis of interpretive patterns based on qualitative interviews with teaching staff from different types of schools. With his doctoral thesis, Klenk joins a discourse critical of heteronormativity, contributes to a hitherto hardly researched topic in educational science and thus provides new impulses for the professionalisation of teachers.

Klenk will speak about the results of his work under the title “LGBTIQ* – All inclusive? Soziale Deutungsmuster von Lehrkräften”in the just published latest episode of the podcast “Inclusion Issues” by the Centre for Inclusion Research with Caroline Junge.

Klenk is a research associate at the Institute for General and Vocational Education at the TU Darmstadt and conducts research in the fields of School Education within the Context of Heterogeneity and the Praxislabor. He is also active in the projects “InDiVers: Inclusive diagnostics in procedures for determining special educational needs? Between appropriate support and institutional discrimination” and “Praxisphasen differenzreflexiv vernetzt!”

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